SinnyBoy is Back with more to “offer”
This is SinnyBoy 2.0

15 Years of web developement experience.

Active developement team.

Our plugins are compatible with recent script and server resources.

We are only one email away! fast support.


SinnyBoy 2.0 will change your way of managing your Cashcrusader PTR sites.

It includes:

  1. The Highest Converting Plugins You’ve Ever Heard Of
    We’re developing our plugins using the simplest, fastest, lightest, and yet highest converting coding methods out there. You will feel a big difference in performance, simplicity, and security.
  2. Updated Versions of Our Beloved Plugins
    We’re developing updated new versions of our previous plugins that you are still using on your websites. We will use the latest PHP version 5.6 (later php7) so you will not face any server compatibility problems, and you will not have to settle for older vulnerable unsecured PHP versions any more.
  3. Feature Rich Plugins
    With our newest plugins and updates, you will enjoy tons of advanced features that will make your life easier. We will automate a lot of your tasks for you, so that you can enjoy more freedom doing other tasks, or enjoy a little more time with your friends and family. But you will always have an option between manual or automated features.
  4. An Easy Step-by-Step Walkthrough of the Technology You’ll Need
    Managing a successful PTR/GPT site doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll walk you through the technology you’ll need and provide you with all the tutorials (wikis, videos, graphs ...) to get the most of our plugins.
  5. Reward Program
    Loyal customers deserve a VIP treatment. The more you get involved with us, the more we show you our appreciation. You can participate in Beta Testing new features, or plugins, suggest new ideas for plugins or features you would like to see, report bugs and glitches in our plugins that we might have missed. In return, you will get rewarded with free plugins, store credit, and Cash or other gifts that will be delivered to your house (electronics, clothes, gift cards, ...).
  6. Affiliate and Reseller Programs
    You can make money with us promoting our products, or reselling them. We will provide with all the tools you will need (banners, landing pages, store fronts, and technical assistance).


In order to enjoy all that we can offer, we suggest you do the most of the following:

  1. Join The Notification List
    Join our notification list to be the first to know about our launch date, and our newest plugins and updates.
  2. Tell Us What You Like
    Upon joing our list, you can also tell us which of our plugins you are still using, which ones you would like to get updated first, and a list of your sites that you own, wither they use some of our plugins or not.
  3. Enjoy Our Free Plugins
    We have one free plugin that is almost ready to use right now, it's the "Admin Messages" plugin. Most of you are using the old one, which is out-dated, and still using the PHP 5.2.17 version. This new one is compatible with PHP 5.6, and it has new features you will love. Later, we will develop more free plugins that will make managing your websites a lot more easier.
  4. Beta-Testing
    Be the first to try our plugins for free, and let us know what you like and dislike about them, and suggest what can be done to improve them. In return, you might get the final plugins for free, or enjoy a very generous discounts.

Your privacy is 100% protected.